Copywriting Services

Our team of writers works with you to develop a tailored voice that best captures your tone and personalityto create consistent, engaging content for your accounts.

  • Personal Copywriting - For your personal account, we work with you to help figure out the type of topics, voice and social presence you want to portray, before assigning the writer best suited to capture that particular style. Capable of posting anywhere from 20 to 1o0 posts per month on a single account, plus options for adding more posts for other team members or additional personal accounts. Along with options to share to our own writers significant social followings, often over 100,000 people. We also want YOU to get the credit for this. All personal writing is treated as ghostwriting without any mention of our contribution unless otherwise specified by you.
  • Brand Copywriting - For your brand accounts, while starting with the same process as personal ghostwriting we separate ourselves from other social media firms by making brands feel engaging and personal, rather than just an abstract company. This will typically involve a mix of actual news relevant to your product or services, but also posts designed to engage with the audience, make them laugh and make them see you as not just your company, but the people that built it.
  • Article Writing - Whether it's for your own website, substack, or submissions to publications, we have writers specializing in long form writing across a variety of fields. Whether it's opinion pieces, news, updates on your own work and accomplishments, our team can cover article work of any length with quick turnaround times.
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Content Creation

We have writers, producers and performers at the ready to help you with everything from launching YouTube channels to making viral TikToks. With our own performers having followings totally over 1 million followers across platforms you can have access to their audiences to help further build your own!

  • Video & Graphic Content - Covering everything from the most basic editing of interviews into more exciting short form content to viral TikToks and sketches bringing attention to your industry to developing entire YouTube channels and series highlighting what you do and the people behind it. We work with you to learn what you want to convey to your audience and then build the content from the ground up to make it as engaging as possible.
  • Short Form Video - Writing and production assistance on videos below 3 minutes, this can include everything from just scripts to shooting, editing and producing videos, plus help launching it across platforms and building a loyal following on your accounts.
  • Short Form Video with Performers - The same services as Short Form Video with the addition of our performers/influencers with follower counts between 100,000-750,000 per person. All our performers are skilled comedians that write and develop their own content with the backing of our team. Options to post to your channels as well as their own promoting your work are available.
  • YouTube Production - From creating and posting videos through helping you develop and produce entire channels and series, with repeatable formats and shows engaging your audience and promoting your voice and content.
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Custom Memes

An underused medium for companies and professionals, the engagement rate on memes or funny graphic posts is incredibly high. We have writers and content creators that specialize in this specifically. Typically an aspect of our copywriting services, it helps promote a unique voice your audience will be excited to engage with.

  • Graphic memes for use across platforms such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Custom Twitter Memes
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From the basics of production to helping you develop and hone a concept from the ground up. Learn best practices, build a following, and create not just individual episodes, but an entire show and voice that captures your message, and your audience.

  • Podcast Creation: So much of success in podcasting is creating a unique and consistent voice, a message that ties through every episode of a series. We help you develop that concept and your own voice. Often paired with production our team can help you find the right equipment, learn recording techniques and general best practices, edit, launch and publish every episode plus help develop clips for promotion across every platform.
  • Podcast Production: For those who already have a show but need help developing an audience, we're here for that as well. Our production team can help record, edit, produce and publish each episode, along with development across other platforms. So much of success in podcasting is not in just the episode itself but in promotion with clips and highlights across EVERY social media platform.
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Account Management

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your accounts reach their highest potential. Whether you're trying to build an audience or maintain a regular posting schedule, our team is ready to jump in and help.

  • General Management: With so many platforms and a growing audience it's not just the content that's important, but maintaining an active and engaging account. From managing to posts to replying to followers, making sure your presence is active and participating in every relevant trending topic as soon as it hits.
  • Analytics: Success on social media isn't just about the successful posting, it's about conversion. It's about seeing that those who like our work for you understand it represents what you stand for and turn it into followers and further interest in you and your company. We track this data and prepare presentations so you can see your growth as it happens.
  • Cross-Account Management: Part of our specializing in individual voices is understanding how they relate and enhance each other. If you have multiple team members who use our services, or use us for an official brand account as well as personal accounts, we work to make sure EVERY account is helping boost each other. Not just through shares and retweets but building content that enhances and brings focus to each other. Helping your individuals build your brand and your brand show the strength of the team behind it.
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